Würmlas Wände

700 sqm, 100 liters of bucket paint, 80 spray cans,
13 walls, and 30 village residents.

700 sqm, 100 liters of bucket paint, 80 spray cans, 13 walls, and 30 village residents.

The municipality of Würmla is located in the district Tulln, Lower Austria, approximately 60 km from Vienna.

Between April 2019 and December 2019, Katharina C. Herzog and David Leitner initiated the project Würmlas Wände – urban art on rural walls.

Altogether, the walls of 13 farms, silos and cellars were painted, spreading over ten localities throughout the village.

The artworks are based on personal interviews with the owners of the respective walls and tell stories about their daily life in the countryside, about their hopes and dreams as well as the things that occupy and move them.

Würmlas Wände is the attempt to not only encourage a dialogue in-between the villages but also to open up space for interregional discourse, all the while using the medium of urban art. The walls become a meeting point and invite visitors as well as locals to discover the modern as well as the global in the rural.


Familie Heiss


Familie Breitner


Familie Kienböck


Familie Dietzschold-bojakovsky


Familie Pötschner


Familie Schwarz


Familie Koch


Familie Herzog


Familie Ramsl


Familie Trinkl


Familie Wisberger


Familie Eichinger


Familie Simoner

The municipality of Würmla connects 15 small villages, from the Haspelwald to the Windleiten, located between narrow hills and lush forests.

Ten of these villages are now home to Würmlas Wände. A hiking trail connects them and gives an insight into the beauty behind the nature of the Mostviertel.

Dive into the idyllic scenery of the Tullnerfeld and discover the stories behind the walls. Experience the modern as well as the global in the rural.

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WürmlasWände Buch

Within the scope of the project, there will be a 177-page limited edition book released in the summer of 2020.

The publication will give detailed insight into all of the stories behind the 13 murals, feature a distinctive photographic documentation and grant an impression of the creation process.

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Würmlas Wände was initiated by the art directrice Katharina C. Herzog and the artist David Leitner, who got to know each other during their studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Together, they work on the intersection of art and design and try to make both accessible to a wider audience.

They share a common interest in humans and the unique stories they have to tell.

If you have any questions about Würmlas Wände don‘t hesitate to get in touch.